Who is Adam and what does he do?

Hello and welcome to www.adambolton.info!  I’m not sure what has brought you here but I thought it would be an idea to jot a few bits about me into a quick blog post.

At the time of writing (October 2015) I’m a 35 year old Recruiter who sources top quality developers for companies in and around London in the UK.  I’ve been sourcing people like this since 2005 so you could say I’ve a bit of experience.

I started my recruitment journey doing a few months ‘Account Management’ for a local company but after about 3 months I decided to move into something covering IT (as I’m a massive geek at heart).  I ended up working with Kelly Robinson at MECS Europe.  At the time I met with Kelly I had several other offers but I really bought into Kelly and his personality is a reason why he’s been so successful; I don’t think anyone who has ever worked for him would have a bad word to say and I would say he’s been a big inspiration in what I’ve tried to achieve in business too.  I worked for MECS (who later rebranded to Conex Europe) for 7.5yrs before deciding to go out on my own in Jan 2013.

People often ask me why I decided to work for myself when I had the security of a comfortable job and it’s pretty simple; I’ve never been great at taking orders, I like to define my own life and be accountable for my own actions.  Kelly left MECS / Conex to concentrate on Broadbean (his multi-posting job board posting software) a few years into my time there and after that it felt like you had to fight tooth and nail for freedom to get involved in the development community.  I ended up spending weeks upon weeks in the office, not meeting people or attending events and decided that enough was enough.

ABrecruit was born!  I started ABrecruit (by the way it actually took me 3 days to come up with the name…every domain was taken!) with the vision to create an agency that would interact with the development community and become the #1 provider of .Net staff to London and the surrounding areas.  I even wrote that down on the 1st day in business and will work tirelessly to achieve my goal!  I came up with the idea for ‘International Developers in London’ early in 2013 and met with a friend, Lorenzo, who was an Italian Developer living here in London and he loved it.  We scheduled our 1st event and everything has snowballed from there.  There’s about 1,000 people across the 6 groups we run now, and we even managed to have a conference last year!

I don’t recruit like a traditional recruiter either.  In fact I hate the industry of recruitment and slowly but surely, 1 client at a time, 1 developer at a time, I’m letting people know that us recruiters aren’t all no-brain, sales driven, tactless idiots.  We don’t all call your office and claim that ‘your mother has been taken ill’ to get through to you in the office (absolute scumbags who do this btw!).  I engage with people directly, in person.  Everyone opens up to you when they realise you’re actually professional about what you do.  I also rarely work contingency recruitment these days.  I work mainly on an RPO model, which means I spread my time up between a couple of companies who pay for my services; right now that’s T101, CPC Connect & MarketInvoice.  Great companies, lovely people, enjoyable work.

A lot of people approach me asking questions like ‘how do I start a recruitment agency?’.  I’ve put together an infographic that you can have in exchange for your email address! Take a look at http://adambolton.info/.

Away from work I play far too much football for a man of my age – being 35 years old and trying to keep up with the 20ish lads is getting harder and harder!  I spend a lot of time with my kids who are 14 and 8; I enlist my 14 year old to do jobs for me in the office in exchange for a contract mobile phone and some pocket money.  My youngest also comes in and does some ‘jobs’ for me although within 2 minutes I look at the computer she is working on and can see that she is playing games or watching youtube videos; a friend did send me a link recently that she loved; coding with Disney princesses so now she comes to the office to ‘do some coding’ as she puts it