A smartwatch has changed my life!

I have had colleagues and friends who loved watches.  They’d spend a small fortune on one.  More than 10% of their annual earnings.  I personally think this is crazy.

I remember when I worked for as a consultant we had a new phone system installed (yeah it recorded everything we did.  How many calls, time on the phone, everything, we hated it!).  The new system was sitting in a spare room and I was chatting with my boss one day and he said ‘Ad, you’re good with eBay, if you want to get rid of those phones we can split the money if you want’.  Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I took a couple of pictures, listed them on eBay and flogged them for something like £120.  I drove to the office one Saturday, 8 year old daughter in tow (and a baby in the back seat!) we proceeded to fill the car up with the phones and drive about 25 miles to meet the guy who had bought them.  With my £60 I decided I wanted a watch, and I bought a Timberland one.  I had this watch for about 6 years, went through numerous batteries and straps but loved it.  Perfect for me, the man who doesn’t spend much on watches!

As with every love story, the watch didn’t last forever, and about a fortnight ago it gave up.  Some of the dials gave up years ago, but the Hours Minutes and Seconds still did.  But this time when I took it to the little old man at Basildon Market (if you live down this way you’ll know who I mean) it was dead.  Deceased.  Departed.  Gone.

Being the gadget and tech lover I am I decided the time was right for a smart watch.  I did some research (both my own and sticking up a facebook post) and came to the conclusion that I would be buying the Moto 360!  I did some price comparisons online and found John Lewis to be both competitively priced and offering an extra 12 months warranty.  SOLD!  Being an Android fan these days (I refer to the time I owned Apple products as the ‘dark time’) it seemed perfect.  And it was!

Out of the box all I had to do was to find the 360 in the Bluetooth settings on my phone, pair the 2 and everything seemlessly connected.  If there is an Android Wear version of any apps I use then it download(s) them.  I’ve got a little screen on my wrist all of the time.  Let me tell you some of the ways it has changed my life:

  • Phone stays in pocket and battery life extends
    • Crazy as it sounds, when you get a notification (text, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, email) your wrist vibrates.  A quick flick of the wrist and the screen comes to life so you can see what has set it off.  Important?  Get the phone out.  Group WhatsApp chat that can wait?  Leave it there.
  • Tracking my health
    • I get a constant update of how active I’ve been throughout the day.  My daily target is 1 hour (don’t hate on me I sit in an office all day!) and I find it enjoyable when I get over my 1hr!
  • Never be late again!
    • Watch tells me when to leave for any meeting and then gives me directions.  I can pop my headphones in, walk along and get step by step directions
  • Remote camera
    • Selfie Stick?  Not required thanks mate.  Download the Wear Camera pop your phone within bluetooth range, look at your watch and it relays the camera to your wrist.  Tap it, picture taken!
  • Everything.  It tells me everything.
    • Google now enables you to talk to it.  I tap my watch and ask it ‘what will the weather be like on Saturday’ or ‘What’s the current FTSE 100 price’ and they instantly arrive on your screen.
  • Pausing TV
    • Come on, how cool.  I don’t even know where my phone is half the time now, I can PAUSE NETFLIX like a god.  I remember having a Casio Calculator watch when I was a kid.  This is so much cooler.
  • Lost phone?  Simple.
    • With so much on your watch it’s easy to forget about your phone.  Just tap the app on the watch and your phone starts ringing.
  • Skip music, Shazam and oh so much more
    • Phone in pocket, dislike a song?  No longer is there any need to take out your phone to skip a track.  The Moto 360 will happily oblige.  Like a song on the radio?  Shazam it!
  • Different watch faces
    • Sorry but I really am a geek and I love changing the face.  There’s even apps that allow you to create your own watch face.  Eat that Rolex!

I’m yet to find something that this doesn’t do well, or something it is missing.  There is literally nothing.  The only annoying thing is that you get about 18 hours charge from it so if you forget to charge it overnight then you kick yourself by lunch time.  Charging is pretty quick too as it has a small battery.

Little tip if you order the one I have with the metal strap DO NOT TAKE IT TO TIMPSON.  I took it to 3 x Timpson stores, none of whom could knock the pin out to add a link for me.  I popped to a specialist store locally and they had it changed in about 2 minutes.

Conclusion – I love my new watch it is amazing!


500x300 new one

500x300 old one

Adam is an experienced recruiter and community organiser. As a day job he hired for software developers in order to manage to pay the bills and feed his constantly hungry children who also need new clothes every week as they are growing at an alarming rate. For fun he plays a lot of sport (Football & Tennis being favourites) and enjoys all things geek and tech related. He can't code.